In The Scorched the lands and bodies of water in the civilized world became irradiated by fallout produced from hundreds of nuclear bombs detonations, two centuries ago. Places that were once safe to hold daily activities with the children (provided you survived the bombs) became void of life from toxic radiation. Over the passing of years, the level of radiation has dropped, and inhabitants of the milder radiated area have adapted to the environment. Still, radiation exists in the world that will have you puking your lungs out, so make sure you have a good supply of Rad-Off and Rad-Blocker 2 before exploring the radiated wastes.

Effects of Radiation

When you come into contact with radioactive material (such as uranium or plutonium) or a radiated area, you are subject to radiation and possible negative effects following the exposure period. Radiation is measured in RAD (Radiation Absorbed Dose) units and has been broken down into eight degrees of exposure. To determine the degree of exposure consult the chart below.

Radiation Exposure

Severity No. of RADs Duration
Weak Less that 100 3 days
Light 100 – 199 1 day
Mild 200 – 299 6 hrs.
Low 300 – 599 2 hrs.
Moderate 600 – 999 30 mins
High 1000 – 4999 5 mins
Severe 5000 – 8000 1 min
Deadly Greater than 8000 6 secs.

Radiation Sickness

If you are exposed to radiation, you may be afflicted with Radiation Sickness and its prolonged effects.
Radiation Sickness can affect the body in a similar manner as poison.
The overall effects of Radiation Sickness vary with the dose of radiation (Degrees of Exposure) to which a creature is exposed. If you’re body has untreated RADs, you are still subject to prolonged damage until your RAD level is reduced to zero. Use the RAD level and Exposure Period to determine the new Fortitude save for Radiation Sickness as the character’s RADs eventually will decrease outside the irradiated area (see RAD recovery below).

Signs of RAD Sickness & It’s Effects

Weak (less than 100 RAD): There are no noticeable symptoms. The target’s red blood cell count decreases temporarily, however, and he may suffer from headache and increased risk of infection due to disruption of immunity cells. Temporary male sterility is also possible.

Light (100 – 199 RAD): Mild to moderate nausea with occasional vomiting beginning 1 day after irradiation and lasting for up to one day. The immune system is depressed, with increased risk of infection. Temporary sterility is common in both men and women.

Mild (200 – 299 RAD): Nausea is common with vomiting after 12 hours from exposure and lasts for 2 days. If not treated after 2 days, the character suffers from loss of hair, fatigue and general illness. There is a massive loss of white blood cell, greatly increasing the risk of infection. Permanent sterility is possible.

Low (300 – 599 RAD): Mild symptoms (as above) begin to show after 4 hour of exposure with uncontrollable bleeding in the mouth, under the skin and in the kidneys.

Moderate (600 – 999 RAD): Low symptoms (as above) begin to show after 1 hour of exposure with survival depending on intense medical care (or lots of Rad-Blocker 2). Bone marrow is nearly destroyed; intestinal tissues are severely damaged causing internal bleeding.

High (1,000 – 4,999 RAD): Moderate symptoms (as above) begin to show after 10 minutes of exposure with fatigue and immediate nausea caused by brain damage by the irradiation. After that, cell death in the gastric and intestinal tissue, causing massive diarrhea, intestinal bleeding and loss of water.

Severe (5,000 – 8,000 RAD): Immediate disorientation and coma within 2 minutes. Death occurs after a few hours by total collapse of nervous system.

Deadly (Over 8,000 RAD): Expect immediate death.

Treating Radiation and RAD Recovery

Radiation sickness is considered treatable and can be cured using the correct medication. A RAD affected individual can recover naturally from the effect of Radiation. Once a person has left an irradiated area the body will heal roughly 25 RADs (just a little over 1 per hour) per day. Additionally, the drug Rad-Off can be used to stave off the effects of radiation and Radiation Sickness, each dose removes 1000 RAD over
the course of four hours.


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