Level 0 Creation

Below are the rules currently being used for Level 0 character creation.

1) Roll to determine Race
Player will roll 1d6 to determine player race.

2) Choose Class
You’re like school on Sunday—-no class. Ipso-facto, you gain no armor, weapon, or tool proficiencies. No saving throws or skills either.
Your level is 0.
You start with 4 Hit Points + CON Modifier. But you have no Hit Dice, which means you can’t use HD to heal during a short rest.
Your Proficiency Bonus is +1, but since you have no weapon proficiencies or saving throws, it will only effect the skills and tools you get from your Background and Race.
No class starting equipment, obviously.

3) Determine Ability Scores
Ability scores will be determined through seven rolls of 4d6, with the lowest die result and lowest cumulative dropped.

4) Details
At some point, go ahead and come up with your name, physical description, and other character details. You can pick you alignment now, but since your PC is still figuring out what his or her destiny is, the DM should be pretty flexible about you changing it later.

5) Choose Background
Using the backgrounds provided by your DM, chose the background that best fits your character.
You get all the benefits of Background that you normally would: skills, tools, equipment, and feature.

6) Hitting First Level
Your character will start at -75 (negative seventy-five) XP, enough for a party of 4 to engage in four encounters or so.

When you hit 0XP #. You can choose your first class. At this time you get all your class’s new proficeincies, skills, saving throws, and other special abilities.
Your Proficiency Bonus increases to +2. You get your first Hit Die. You HP increases by Hit Dice maximum +CON Modifier.
You do not suddenly, magically acquire your class’ starting equipment or money, but the GM should make an effort to have roughly-equivalent gear and cash available to your PC in a timely manner.

# To prevent hindering the flow of the game session, XP will usually be awarded towards the end of the game session.

Level 0 Creation

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