No Man's Land

Session 1
A Journey Begins...

Routine Maintenance 

Starting XP: -75

Life had always been pretty simple on DEVA. The lives of four individuals started to get more interesting when a routine maintenance alert revealed the presence of an unknown life form nesting in the air vents. Though the job of cleaning them out wasn't quite as easy as initially hoped for the group was able to get the issue under wraps.

XP Awarded: 100

A Call For Help

A few days after the amphibian stowaways were discovered on the station, an "unknown" broadcast was received by station security. This was a surprise to all of the crew located in the security quarters as no external broadcast had ever been received.

After high ranking members of security had managed to unscramble the message, they assigned the new recruits to travel, in a short range vessel, to the coordinates encoded in the broadcast's signal. Upon arrival, the discovery crew found that there were signs of violent struggle and areas of the ship in disrepair. The group discovered that a remaining member of the vessel's original crew was still alive and onboard and that the ship had become host to rodent life that appeared to be the cause of the violence & system issues.

The group began investigating the Engineering area only to learn that the power cables and systems were damaged by a creature gnawing on them. As the group began to leave the room, silhouettes of creatures scurried across the only known point of ingress and exit to this chamber.



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